Loudoun Family Law Attorney

Your Family Matters.

Divorces and custody disputes are draining, but Sarah will strive to prevent them from being devastating also. Family law cases can affect your children, your money and assets, and also your emotional well-being. When a family’s relationship falls apart, it is in everyone’s best interest that it ends amicably. It is less costly, both in money and in family goodwill. It does not make sense to spend your child’s college fund to litigate a minor visitation disagreement, or to spend more on your lawyer than is in dispute. The fact is, most family law cases are decided by a settlement. Therefore, you will want a family law attorney like Sarah who is a skilled negotiator, with the experience to get the other side to accept what you need to move on with your life.

But Sarah is not going to run away from a fight.

Sometimes no matter how reasonable you are, the other side is too wrapped up in his or her anger to see reason. That is when Sarah’s extensive experience becomes your best asset. Sarah is unique among Loudoun County family law attorneys because she started her career as a litigator. She was in the courtroom, litigating daily, in hundreds of trials. You should never feel pressured to accept a settlement, because the matters being decided in your family law case today will set the terms of your daily life for years to come.

The best lawyers always have a case strategy.

Our overall strategy guides both housekeeping tasks, like keeping track of deadlines, and the greater tasks of setting goals and forming a vision.  Having that vision of the strengths and weaknesses of your situation is how we, as a team, prepare your case. Together, we will evaluate the evidence, terms of settlement, and risks and benefits of trial.

Once we have the terms, either from a settlement or a judge, the language used in your order is just as important as all the negotiations or trial events that led to the resolution. You will return to that written order again and again. If it is drafted carelessly or incompletely, or is ambiguous, you almost certainly will end up back in court. Sarah is always on guard for loopholes that the other side can exploit. By anticipating what could go wrong, Sarah Bruns Law PLLC can help prevent you ever having to experience it.

There’s more to Family Law than divorce.

Sarah is qualified to litigate nearly every matter that comes through the Juvenile and Domestic Relations General District Courts of Northern Virginia. These matters are typically hugely personal and can be quite painful. You need a discreet lawyer who can handle your matter with sensitivity to what you’re going through, filtered through competent professionalism. Contact Sarah Bruns PLLC for all your Family Law matters, including

  • Custody and Visitation Disputes
  • Custody Modifications
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Support Modifications
  • Property Settlement Agreements
  • Protective Orders
  • Child Protective Services Cases